Liberal Democrats flashing Amber in readiness for next general election

Amber Valley Lib Dem members have re-selected Cllr Kate Smith to fight the next general election campaign for the constituency. Kate was recently elected as Amber Valleys first Liberal Democrat borough councillor in over 30 years. She represents the ward of Crich & South Wingfield. Kate is also one of Derbyshire’s longest serving Parish Councillors, serving her local community in Crich.

Kate commented: "It's a great honour to be selected for the 6th time to work for Amber Valley Constituency.  Amber Valley is currently being let down in countless ways by a Conservative MP who has lost sight of the real needs of ordinary people.  He is famous only for playing "Candy Crush" during a meeting at the DWP and for sending bland answers, if he sends any at all, to residents' letters of concern about local issues.  We will shout from the rooftops about shamefully low crime charging and disposal rates, the crumbling NHS and many other public services, including local government, which have been starved of funds for years under Tory rule.”